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National Aerospace NDT Board

Purpose of the NANDTB-Ireland

a) Satisfy the Irish Aviation Authority requirement for a National Aerospace NDT Board as defined in EN 4179 and EASA Part 145.

b) Act as custodians for all matters related to employer based personnel training and certification standards in the aerospace sector.

c) Provide a system for recognition of organizations implementing such standards.

d) Provide a system for recognition of organizations seeking to provide training and or qualification examinations meeting the requirements of such standards.

e) Provide a system for assessing organizations for compliance with a company written practice designed to conform to such standards.

f) Provide a mechanism for interpretation, adjudication and arbitration in cases of dispute regarding the implementation of such standards.

g) Set standards for the introduction of New and Emerging Technologies not currently covered by such standards.

h) Seek recognition of its schemes with other European National Aerospace NDT Boards, and with any other pertinent body in order to benefit the Irish Aerospace industry and to minimize duplication and multiple audits where possible.

Queries in relation to NANDTB-Ireland can be directed to Mark McAuley (Secretary):

Membership of NANDTB Ireland:

Lufthansa Technik Shannon Ltd.
Lufthansa Technik Turbine Shannon
Aero Engines Ireland
SR Technics Airfoil Services
TRS Global
Dublin Aerospace
NDT Support Services
Bombardier Aerospace
Team Accessories
ND Technologies
IAA (Observer)
FAEI (Observer)

List of Approved Outside Agencies:

Accredited Outside Agencies
NANDTB Ireland Certificate #
Expiry date
South West School of NDTIE.0014 Nov 2010
Material Measurement Ltd.IE.0024 Nov 2010
International School of Aerospace NDTIE.0034 Nov 2010
International School of Aerospace NDTIE.0044 Nov 2012
Test NDTIE.0059 Dec 2013
Aerospace Inspection TrainingIE.00628 Mar 2013
South West School of NDTIE.0074 Nov 2012
South West School of NDTIE.0087 Sept 2013
Aerospace Inspection TrainingIE.00930 June 2013
International School of Aerospace NDTIE.01029 Nov 2014
South West School of NDTIE.0116 Nov 2014
Aerospace Inspection TrainingIE.0126 Nov 2014
South West School of NDTIE.0136 Nov 2015
International School of Aerospace NDTIE.0141 Dec 2016
Aerospace Inspection TrainingIE.0151 Nov 2015
Test NDTIE.0164 Feb 2016
South West School of NDTIE.0172 Nov 2016
TestiaIE.01817 May 2017
Test NDTIE.0191 Oct 2018
South West School of NDTIE.0201 Dec 2018
International School of Aerospace NDTIE.0211 Dec 2018
TestiaIE.02216 May 2018
International School of Aerospace NDTIE.0231 Dec 2020
South West School of NDTIE.0241 July 2019
South West School of NDTIE.0251 May 2021
European Forum for National Aerospace NDT Boards

NANDTB Ireland is a participant in the European Forum for National Aerospace NDT Boards. See:
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Registration No. 8706.
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