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Council and Working Groups

FAEI Council

FAEI Council

The Council of the FAEI is the governing body of the organisation.

Council Members

Hugh Flynn (Chairman) Air Contractors
James Cottle (Vice Chairman)Airbus
Mark McAuley (Secretary)IBEC
Jim LawlerFAEI
John MurphyAero Engines Ireland
Martin KaiserSAL
Willie ReillyLTAI
Robert KennedyPARC Aviation
Sean FlanneryGECAS
Andy CarlisleRBS
Tom CaffreySAL
Michael MaherCityJet
Alec McRitchieBombardier
Willie McGonagleAir Atlanta
Juerg BartolomeSR Technics Airfoil
Frank O’HaganBank of America
Ulrick GaedickeLTTS
Conchur O’BradaighEireComposites
Gerard O’ConnorShannon Development
Ibec FAEI is a part of Ibec clg which is registered in Ireland.
Registration No. 8706.
Registered address: 84/86 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2

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