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The aerospace industry is one of Ireland’s most valuable and technically advanced industries. Today, Ireland is recognised as a leading location for aviation, MRO, technology, engineering and aviation finance.

The FAEI is the national representative organisation for the aerospace industry in Ireland. For fifteen years, the FAEI has been supporting and representing the industry. The primary role of the federation is to ensure that the importance of the industry is recognised by policy-makers and that national policies take into account the needs of the industry. The Federation has forged links across industry, government, and the state agencies and performs a vital role in aligning interests and fostering dialogue.

In terms of industrial activities, the profile of Aerospace Enterprise in Ireland is predominately made up of MRO operations, with manufacturing activities still on a relatively small scale in volume terms. In this respect, it differs from the major players in aerospace among EU countries whose aerospace industrial activities include strong components of Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) activity. In terms of International Traded Aerospace Services, Aircraft Leasing is by far the dominant activity. As a result of the favourable tax status of Shannon Free Airport and Dublin's International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) and the innovative approach of companies located in the State to this kind of business, Ireland has become a leading world centre for aircraft leasing and related services.

Other Internationally Traded Services that are growing include software development, communications training and the supply of skilled personnel for the Aviation and Aerospace Industry.

The structure and depth of the industry interms of ownership and diversity, has strengthened dramatically since the early 1990s. At the opening of the decade, most Aerospace activities in the State were the ancillary activities of just two Irish companies (Aer Lingus and GPA) whereas today, some twenty two multinational overseas corporations are involved, many of them leading players in the global aerospace industry.
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