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The aerospace industry is one of Ireland’s most valuable and technically advanced industries. Today, Ireland is recognised as a leading location for aviation, MRO, technology, engineering and aviation finance.

The FAEI is the national representative organisation for the aerospace industry in Ireland. For fifteen years, the FAEI has been supporting and representing the industry. The primary role of the Federation is to ensure that the importance of the industry is recognised by policy-makers and that national policies take into account the needs of the industry.

The Federation has forged links across industry in Europe and the US. The FAEI is in ongoing contact the Irish Government, The European Commission, and various national and international agencies. It is by forging links connections between companies, and between the industry and policy-makers, that the FAEI plays a vital role in aligning interests and fostering dialogue.

The FAEI is a business sector within the Irish Business and Employers Confederation. It is also a member of ASD - AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe – based in Brussels

Ibec FAEI is a part of Ibec clg which is registered in Ireland.
Registration No. 8706.
Registered address: 84/86 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2

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